LD30 Venue

We recommend you take the train to JR Mejiro Station. The conference area is about a 5-10 minute walk from the station. Go out of the ticket gates and turn right. Go across the pedestrian crossing ahead of you and enter Gakushuin University through the West gate. Go straight past the sports ground on your left, and you will come to an open space. West Buildings 1 and 2 are ahead of you. Go up to West Building 2. Turn Left. Go towards the covered walkway. Turning right under the covered walkway, go to the end and then take the stairs, which will be on your right to the entrance of West 1. Once you enter West Building 1, another set of stairs to the 2F will be on your right. Go up the stairs, and Room 210 will be ahead of you.
Wheelchair access to the registration desk is through West Building 2. You will need to enter West Building 2 and use the elevator on your left to go up to the second floor. Then go out of the elevator, turn left, follow the slope up, turn left, go across the bridge, and the registration desk will be ahead of you.
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Convenience stores near the station
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